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Get to know your organization's attack surface through a comprehensive scan and strengthen your defenses against ransomware attacks with actionable guidance.

Cyber Security Free Scan

Prevent attacks with Proactive Monitoring

Proactively secure your organization against cyber-attacks with our Attack Surface Monitoring service. Through continuous scanning and analysis of your digital footprint, we identify potential attack opportunities before cybercriminals strike.

Receive a comprehensive overview of all exposed attack surfaces, accompanied by guidance on how to address them. Strengthen the security of your Internet-facing assets and stay ahead of attackers.

What you get from the free report:

  • List of all exposed assets with their vulnerabilities:
    • Sub domains under your organization
    • Active IP addresses
    • Web applications and services
    • Remote Desktop (RDP) or Management interfaces
    • Certificates with expiry details
  • Hosting services in use with unfixed vulnerabilities
  • Data leak information available on the dark web:
    • Usernames and Passwords
    • Email addresses
    • Documents and other information
    • Other personal data (contacts, geo data etc.)
  • Email security and phishing risk:
    • Receiving disguised phishing emails (spoofing)
    • Phishing risk through lookalike domains

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