Managed Security Awareness Training

A single mistake by an employee can get your entire network infected. We offer Security Awareness Trainings as a Managed Service to protect your organization from human threats.

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Security Awareness Training

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Security Awareness Training



Security Awareness Training



Security Awareness as a Managed Service

Running an effective security awareness training program is time and resource intensive, requiring dedicated personnel and being up to date with threats and cyber security trends. That’s why we offer Security Awareness as a Managed Service where you can unburden yourself from all administration and management responsibilities.

What we offer

Convenience of a Fully Managed Service

Convenience of a Fully Managed Service

Let us manage your Security Awareness Training Program as a fully Managed Service so you can focus on your core operation.

Dashboards for Monitoring & Compliance

Dashboards for Monitoring & Compliance

You can use our dashboards to monitor the training progress and compliance while we run the Training program for you.

Training material available in different formats

Training Material Available in Different Formats

Training content covering visual, audio, and text based learning methods that would suit everybody.

Managed Phishing testing

Managed Phishing Testing

Results of managed phishing tests are used to administer phishing awareness trainings to the applicable users.

Multi Language Content

Multi Language Content

Trainings and other content available in multiple languages i.e., English and Swedish.

Role based Nano Trainings

Role based Nano Trainings

Tailored training materials to reduce risks associated with different roles and meet compliance requirements. e.g., NIS

Benefits of Complorer Security Awareness

  • Fully managed and easy to use – Security Awareness Trainings are provided with minimal administration overhead.
  • Track Training Compliance – Provides security awareness trainings and tracks compliance through dashboards.
  • Affordable and Scalable – We offer competitive pricing to meet security awareness needs at a low operational cost.
  • Easy to understand nano trainings – Our Nano training videos keep learners engaged and interested.
  • A product and service of Sweden – Made for the Nordic Market by a Swedish company.

How is Nano Training Effective?

Nano-learning is the modern way of delivering condensed information engagingly. It stands apart from the rest as it is:

  • Short and simple
  • Self-Learning
  • For any time and anywhere
  • Engaging – easy to understand and fun to learn
  • Just in time – learn only what you need and nothing more to be as efficient as possible.
Complorer Cyber Security Awareness Training

It is evidence based:

  • Repetition, and specifically spaced-out repetition is an evidence-based method for learning that has proved to be highly effective in retaining knowledge in the long-term memory.
  • Reflection on what you have learned is important and gives you an opportunity to compress the information, which is why it is important that the content is engaging.
  • Reinforcement of what you learn is a way to improve retention. If your employees are talking about it they will help each other remember it.
Complorer Cyber Security Awareness Training

Expected Results

You will in time see your company rise in our rankings and witness tangible improvements in overall IT Competence as well as in Security. This is a continuous process that enables you to follow up on employee progress. Further, if your company has specific comprehensive trainings, there will be different levels of awareness and knowledge amongst employees which can be addressed by adopting a solution customized to your organization.

World Class Standard Support

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at eBuilder Security which is why all of our subscriptions include world class standard support with rapid response times, service excellence, and convenient access. Customers can also request our consultancy services as additional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

My company has got a good understanding of security. Why is security awareness needed?

Being up to date with security trends is challenging for employees when their line of work is not cybersecurity. Security awareness can also be a regulatory requirement or stipulated by your customers. The primary reason, however, is that it only takes a single naive person to click on an unassuming link to bring your entire network down.

Why nano-training?

Nano training is an efficient way to make your employees aware of the threats and risks. On the whole, it raises the maturity level of the organization.

How often does training change?

Since cybersecurity is an ever-changing domain, we continuously update our training roadmap and proactively evaluate potential new threats, so as to keep your employees abreast with the latest training programs.

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