Stop Breaches in Minutes, Not Days. Try Our Industry-Leading MDR Service.

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our 3-minute response time. Start your free 60-day trial today.

Why choose eBuilder Security Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Our unique MDR including CrowdStrike Falcon, delivers the industry’s fastest response time—3 minutes. Unlike competitors offering limited trials, get a comprehensive 60-day experience with all features, including advanced monitoring, to truly evaluate the effectiveness of our solution.

  • Unmatched Speed: Our 3-minute response time significantly reduces the window for attackers to compromise your systems.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our extended 60-day free trial allows you to thoroughly test all features and see how eBuilder Security MDR can protect your organization.
  • No Hidden Costs: We include advanced monitoring in the free trial, unlike some competitors who charge extra for this essential function.

What is included in this trial package:

  • Falcon Prevent offers the ideal AV replacement solution by combining the most effective prevention technologies with full attack visibility and simplicity.
  • Falcon Insight XDR delivers detection, investigation, and response to ensure nothing is missed and breaches are stopped.
  • Falcon OverWatch offers proactive threat hunting services globally, 24/7, detecting unknown and advanced threats within customer environments, which differs from alert triaging as it requires skilled experts applying complex statistical methods for true threat hunting.
  • Falcon Data Protection takes a modern approach to securing your enterprise data from adversaries. By combining content with context, see how it provides deep real-time visibility.
  • Falcon Intelligence delivers real-time context into what attackers are attempting in your environment and provides the information needed to stop them.
  • Falcon Forensics streamlines the collection of point-in-time and historic forensic data for robust analysis of cybersecurity incidents and periodic compromise assessments.
  • Falcon Identity provides deep visibility into identity-based incidents and anomalies across a complex hybrid identity landscape, comparing live traffic against behavior baselines and policies to detect attacks and lateral movement in real time.
  • Falcon Exposure Management allows you to stop adversaries, by thinking like one. It gives you complete attack-surface visibility and AI-powered vulnerability management to shutdown adversary opportunities, map your assets, visualize attack paths, and fix them fast.

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