Endpoint Security & XDR powered by Cybereason

With Cybereason as our partner, we provide the leading Cybereason Defense Platform to alert, recognize and terminate malicious activities before they take hold.

Endpoint Security & XDR powered by Cybereason

Who is Cybereason?

Introducing themselves as defenders, Cybereason provides a unified security approach that allows to correlate threat activity across the entire network to protect every endpoint, fixed or mobile. Identified as a leader among endpoint protection platforms, Cybereason precisely terminates cyber-attacks in an instant, fully comprehending the adversary.

The MalOp Engine

Most traditional cyber security platforms take an alert-based approach for protection against threats and attacks. Typically, these alerts flood in on analysts individually with no distinguished relation with one another or with a malicious activity. This is clearly a chaotic approach towards securing your systems.

The MalOp, short for Malicious Operation, is a unified platform designed for recognizing, exposing, and ending malicious operations before they take hold. Eliminating the traditional approach to cyber security, achieved by relaying constant alerts, the MalOp engine follows an operation-centric approach. The MalOp Engine helps reduce alert fatigue of analysts by presenting the complete picture rather than overwhelming them with constant alerts. Cybereason believes in perceiving security incidents in the context of operations unlike the conventional alert-chasing approach.

Cybereason NGAV

Cyber criminals keep leveraging their skills and abilities to surmount novel tools and techniques innovated by security professionals. To withstand this resistance, Cybereason offers a unique approach of Next Generation Anti-virus (NGAV) defense with 9 independent layers of technology.

  1. Endpoint controls
  2. Anti-malware
  3. AI based anti-malware
  4. Exploit prevention
  5. Behavioral document prevention
  1. File-less malware prevention
  2. Behavioral execution prevention
  3. Variant payload prevention
  4. Predictive ransomware protection

This exceptional layering technique is designed such that each layer focuses on preventing a unique attack technique. It detects and blocks malicious activities at the initial stage, allowing smooth flow of your organizational functions.

Cybereason XDR

Siloed approaches for data security are proven to be ineffective due to hidden threats and relatively high cost. As a solution the Cybereason Defense Platform offers Cybereason XDR for protection extending beyond endpoints covering all bases – Workspace, Identity, Cloud and Network. Using Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Indicators of Behavior (IOBs) for early threat detection, Cybereason XDR outshines ensuring the detection of never-before-seen attacks. The Cybereason Defense platform shines out from the crowd by being operation-centric opposed to the traditional alert-centric approach.

The featured XDR dashboard offers complete view of threats at a glance with actionable details and KPI Management.

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