How to Select a Good Password Manager

How to Select a Good Password Manager

Passwords have been regarded as a mechanism for safeguarding your applications, services, and systems for quite some time now. However, with the large number of systems and applications we frequent, the number of passwords we ought to keep in mind has exceeded our capacity. This has given rise to issues like the reuse of passwords and weak passwords. Our whitepaper ‘How to Select a Good Password Manager’ focuses on means of avoiding these issues and specifically elaborates on using Password Managers for managing your numerous passwords.

Serving as a comprehensive guide to password managers, this whitepaper explores their crucial role in enhancing online security while outlining the below:

  • What is Password Management?
  • Password Managers Market Offerings
  • Benefits of Password Managers
  • Drawbacks of Password Managers
  • What is Privileged Access Management?
  • Password Managers vs. PAM Solutions
  • When to choose a PAM Solution
  • Helpful Tips to Choose the most suitable Password Manager for You
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