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Boost your cybersecurity and compliance with our engaging and scalable security awareness platform Complorer.

Our Training Includes

Engaging Content

  • Automated and Engaging: Minimize disruption with self-paced, user-friendly training featuring short and interactive video modules.
  • Multilingual Support: Cater to diverse teams with content available in multiple languages including Swedish and English.

Tailored Phising

  • Phishing Simulation: Test awareness with customizable phishing simulations and provide role-based training for lasting impact.
  • Regular Testing and Updates: Conduct regular tests and refresh training to keep teams sharp against evolving threats.

Actionable Insights

  • Compliance Tracking: Use our dashboards to monitor training compliance and track progress at group and individual levels.
  • Customizable Reports: Generate reports to assess training effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Cyber Risk: Equip your team to recognize and respond to threats, significantly reducing the risk of breaches.
  • Improved Compliance: Meet industry standards and regulations with comprehensive training programs that ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Enhanced Security Culture: Foster a proactive security mindset across your organization, turning employees into active defenders against cyber threats.
Security Awareness Training

Why Choose Complorer Security Awareness Training?

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

Covers all threats, from common to cutting-edge, keeping your employees prepared.

Scalable and Affordable

Scalable and Affordable

Cost-effective solutions that grow with you, from small teams to large enterprises.

Trackable Results

Trackable Results

Monitor progress with dashboards, ensuring informed and compliant teams.

Need More Than Security Awareness Training?

As your Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP), we offer proactive, bespoke defense in depth through Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and End Point Detection and Response (EDR), Penetration Testing and Advisory Services, in addition to Security Awareness Training through Complorer.

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