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Your security challenges start with your employees. Let us test and teach them before someone else has a chance.

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What is Social Engineering?

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is a manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain confidential information, access, or valuables. This can be done in multiple ways, physically and online, then branded under phishing or vishing tags. There are sub-variants of this where an attacker attempts to single out individuals with higher access and do a deep dive into their life on social media. This is called spear phishing.

Phishing has become a pandemic, and the fiscal impact of phishing attacks quadrupled over the past six years. At eBuilder, we want to change this, and that change is called Security Awareness.

Staying Ahead

Technology can only go so far to solve cyber security threats. According to NIST and Center for information security solving the issue of security awareness in employees has increased significantly with the prevalence of the IT – Industry.

With eBuilder Complorer Security Awareness it will allow you to adapt your training to your organization.

Why You Need to Security Review & Audit
Why is nano training the best way

Why is nano training the best way?

Nano-learning is the modern way of delivering condensed information engagingly. It has many advantages compared to others:

  • Short and simple
  • Self-Learning
  • Anytime and anywhere
  • Engaging – It should be easy to understand and fun to learn
  • Just in time – You should learn what you need and nothing more to be as efficient as possible.

It is evidence based:

  • Repetition and specifically spaced-out repetition is an evidence-based method for learning and has proven to be a highly effective way of having the knowledge stored in the long-term memory.
  • Reflection on what you have learned is important and gives you an opportunity to compress the information, which is why it is important that the content is engaging.
  • Reinforcement on what you learn is a way to improve retention. If your employees are talking about it they will help each other remember it.
Security Review & Audit Service
Our Systematic Approach

Expected Results

You will over time see your company increase in our rankings and it will be a tangible improvement both in overall IT Competence and Security. It is a continuous process that will allow you to follow up with problematic employees or if your company has specific trainings which are harder, there will be different levels depending on the organization's knowledge so the solution will adapt to the organization.

World Class Standard Support

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at eBuilder Security which is why all of our subscriptions include world class standard support with rapid response times, service excellence and convenient access. Customers can also request expert consultancy services as additional services.

What Our Clients Say

“Cybersecurity has top priority in our firm. Our software is installed on Exchanges and Central Depositories around the World. We chose eBuilder Security because of their extended experience in delivering secure SaaS to global organizations.
We are very happy with their professionalism and customer service.

Chris Richardson, CEO Percival Software Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need security awareness? We have a good understanding of security in my company.

Being up to date with security trends is challenging for employees when their line of work is not cybersecurity. Security awareness can also be a regulatory requirement or stipulated by your customers. The primary reason, however, is that it only takes a single naive person to click on an unassuming link to bring your entire network down.

Why micro-training?

Micro training is an efficient way to make your employees aware of the threats and risks. On the whole, it raises the maturity level of the organization.

How often does training change?

Since cybersecurity is an ever-changing domain, we continuously update our training roadmap and proactively evaluate potential new threats, so as to keep your employees abreast with the latest training programs.

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