Automated Network Penetration Testing

Let us try and attack you, so we can find and fix your vulnerabilities before a cybercriminal exploits them.

About Network Penetration Testing

Automated network penetration testing is a platform that combines the knowledge, methodology, processes, and toolsets of a team of security consultants into a single platform for easy use and access.

We help organizations perform penetration tests within their environment at any given time, satisfying both compliance requirements and meeting network security best practices. This platform is automated and is based on a framework that continuously improves over time.

Why should you use Network Penetration Testing

By having the ability to perform a quality network penetration test whenever you want and however often you want, your organization can be assured that it will continuously meet security best practices and compliance regulations. Additionally:

  • No more scheduling conflicts.
  • A full-blown penetration test, whenever you need, however often you need.
  • Developed a framework and methodology that changes and improves as the industry threats increase.
  • Backed by 10+ years of experience and OSCP, CISSP, CEH, and OSCE certified consultants.
Why should you use Network Penetration Testing

eBuilder Network Pentest Methodology

eBuilder Security platform combines multiple methodologies that were once manually conducted into an automated fashion to consistently provide maximum value to organizations.

The service will include the following:

  • Automatically perform egress filtering to ensure that your organization is effectively restricting unnecessary outbound traffic. Unrestricted outbound access can allow a malicious actor to exfiltrate data from your organization’s environment using traditional methods and unmonitored ports.
  • Upon the discovery of user account credentials, we will automatically attempt to validate those credentials and determine where they are most useful. This is a common process executed by both malicious attackers and penetration testers and is performed during privilege escalation.
  • Using a valid set of credentials, we will attempt to identify valuable areas within your organization. This is conducted through a variety of methods, including the use of our Leprechaun tool which assists in identifying where sensitive targets are.
  • Critical data leaving your organization is an extremely critical concern. If access to confidential and/or sensitive data can be attained, we will simulate and log this activity to help your organization tighten areas that should restrict data exfiltration
  • With elevated access, we will attempt to upload malicious code into remote systems to test the organization’s end-point anti-malware controls.

What should be included in a network pen test report?

The final step in network pen testing, providing a report with the results of the analysis, should include the following several key items:

  • An Executive Summary - concise description of the business risk and the overall impact of findings to the business.
  • Risk Analysis - Detailed analysis of the discovered risks and their implications.
  • Impact Analysis - Detailed analysis of the discovered risks and their implications.

Reports will be available within 48 hours (about 2 days) of a test. Our detailed deliverables will allow your staff to cross-reference our activities with monitoring and alerting controls.


What Our Clients Say

“Cybersecurity has top priority in our firm. Our software is installed on Exchanges and Central Depositories around the World. We chose eBuilder Security because of their extended experience in delivering secure SaaS to global organizations.
We are very happy with their professionalism and customer service.

Chris Richardson, CEO Percival Software Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do it?

If an attacker has breached your external defenses, you need to mitigate and make sure you have the least privileged organization to limit the attackers' reach and what they can do.

How long does it take?

It depends on what you scan but it can take a few minutes to a few hours.

How often should you scan?

We recommend scanning every month or every quarter. It depends on how much your infrastructure changes over time. Example: due to the patching process.

What should you scan?

We recommend scanning every device that is connected to the network. Everything from servers to printers and access points.

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